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enough with the professorial lectures disguised as ‘advice’.

enough with the memories disguised as ‘mentoring’.

you may be at the top of your game as professor, have reached the top of your pile, have won some races as a hot shot researcher but when it comes to early career researchers, in this time and place, it’s not worth very much at all.

Time, funding, jobs – that’s what counts. You have no control over the first, even you have to struggle for the second, and the third – well, pretending that there are jobs a-plenty makes you look like you are not really with it.

enough with the pretending.



What do I take away from higher education – my experience as both student and as staff member?

Knowledge that the phrase ‘It’s complicated’ is applicable to just about everything.


the epitome

(according to Raywyn Connell – will find link later)

The Epitome is your summary of what you have found, and what you need to say to the audience. It’s a bunch of notes to yourself. It can use shorthand, symbols, ungrammatical abbreviations – you are the only reader…

The Epitome should mention connections with the most relevant literature, since that is part of what you will tell your audience. It can include speculations, mad hypotheses, diagrams, and comments you would never show your Grandma. But it also contains the results of your solid data collection, your significance testing, your documentation.


Seriously, this talking about people like they’re workhorses, and you’re evaluating how much life is left in them before they keel over, is disgusting.

the hidden labour of feedback

It’s just hit home how much this “Give your feedback! Give us your review! We want to hear from you!” stuff feeds into what seems to be an increasing propensity to donate our (writing / thinking) labour. Academics already donate time in reviews and feedback; casual academics particularly.

Giving feedback is work, y’all. Writing is work, thinking is work, and if I’m going to do both for free, it’s not going to be detailing my opinions about a good or service unless either was unbelievably outstanding or heart-breakingly disappointing.

Because otherwise, in essence, I’m working for that hotel chain or the shoe company or the online bookstore, much the same as I am working for academic journals in peer reviewing or for colleagues in giving feedback on a paper, both of which I do as an academic; neither of which, I’m actually paid for.